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March 6, 2024

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It is a great pleasure for one to play
With the innocent children like soft clay
To build up on the brightest bay
Of the ocean of knowledge, the only way…..
The young generation of a nation lay
The morning sun showing the day
Can make a beautiful world to say
Let’s work together, love each other, Hey!!
We have success, we have fun, we have gay!!

Dr Sima Chakrabarti (Principal)

Children are legally defined as adult at the age of eighteen. After completing school education they come to the College and spend a reasonable part of the most energetic and important time in life. An educational institution offers various avenues to choose for making a golden future for them. Our institution is happy to dedicate its infrastructure with full capacity to all the students.

The undergraduate study is the foundation of higher academic career. All the teachers are ready to discuss with the students on academic matter in class and after class. The central library and the seminar libraries of each department should be utilized as much as possible. The library and office staff are always ready to help the students in every possible way. Other than the text books and reference books related to syllabus, the library has been enriched with books and journals on various areas of Literature, Science, Commercial, Economic and Social applications and on technological progress of the world.

A complete human being with social responsibilities is grown up under counselling by the parents, the teachers and books and above all self-study along with nature. Education is the key to empower one in self-study. It is our duty to train the children to look at circumstances rationally, take decision independently, distinguish between good and bad and have moral support to everything positively for the welfare of the society, the country and the world.

Depending on practical need, with emphasis on economic independence of students after regular academic degrees, we have arranged for a well-equipped computer centre with efficient trainers for various diploma and certificate courses in computer helpful to secure good jobs. We are also conducting Basic and Advanced computer courses in collaboration with Webel Technology Limited. Another important qualification for securing job is capability to talk in English. For this we are conducting Communicative English classes by reputed teachers from British Institute. As another avenue towards job prospects, we are running certificate course on “Pre Primary Teachers Training” for boys and girls both. It is high time to become conscious about the starting of education in nursery level. Keeping that in mind the college is playing its part as a study centre for “Pre Primary Teachers’ Training”.

Any education cannot be applied in life without a good health. We have provision for utilizing a gymnasium with modern equipment and a qualified trainer. All students should avail this facility. We will be able to restart it from the new session only if a reasonable no. of students show interest to join.

Discipline is the key to success in every field. We have a unit of NCC which takes active role in various programmes of Govt. of India. We have also started training on self-defence by a group of trained NCC students (present and passed out) for rest of our students. Our students are praised during performance on self defence in other colleges also.

For direct contact with the society, to aware backward people about education, about various diseases and about nutrition, our college plays an important role through students by seminars, camps including all students. A group of students take active part in programmes under National Service Scheme (NSS).

A man or woman cannot make the environment full of pleasure, cannot spread fragrances to life without having sense of culture. The college is a platform to express their talents and inner feelings through cultural programmes, intra-college and inter-college competitions arranged time to time and also by writing in college magazine and departmental journals. Our institution is like a family. Students, teachers & all other staff are members of that big family. Unity is always the strength, let us unite together to perform something which will put our footprint in the history of mankind. Maharani Kasiswari College arranges for various cultural & social programmes throughout the year. There are lot of sincere performers with talent among our students. They should come forward to take part in various programmes, various competitions and sports (College & University). The new comers are welcome to all activities in such a big organization.

Any suggestion for better service towards students will highly be appreciated. Please feel free to communicate directly to the Principal through the DROP BOX kept beside door of Principal’s room or on emergency talk to her directly for any kind of academic or other suggestion / problems. All of you are ORDERED to protest against any kind of illegal forceful attitude, oppression, coercion, violence from any corner. It should be immediately reported to the Principal. We all will solve our problems (made by anybody inside or outside) together with courage, patience and confidence. We have enough potential. We must overcome any adverse situation only if we take care of our Institution and take responsibilities from the core of our heart