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Bengali Department

Last Updated On February 29, 2024

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Departmental Profile

Departmental Profile

Literature is the mirror of society. If you want to know your society fully, you must know literature. Literature also the description of human mind and character. There is a co-relation between literature and any other social studies subject. The subject matter of history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and many other subjects would be found in literature. So, it is impossible to neglect the literature. If we neglect literature, we will be deprived from many other branches of knowledge and wisdom. Language and literature also co-related. By studying literature, we can develop the skill of language. There is aesthetic value of langue. Noble literature and its language develop our aesthetic sense and value

Bengali language and literature deserve the same value and importance that has been aforesaid. Our ancient history has been written mainly on the basis of our ancient literature. In the modern time Bengali literature played an important role in our political movement. We can remember the song ‘Bande Mataram’, written by Bankim Chandra. We can enrich with our history, sociology, philosophy, noble religious thought and so on by our literature.

Any person can enjoy literature by reading it. On this point, there is a question – if is there any need to teach literature through the educational institution? Many persons say that if we learn foreign language and literature, there is a need of educational institution. But there is no need of educational institution to teach the vernacular language and literature. The same question arises when we teach Bengali language and literature through educational institution. It is heard that Bengali language and literature is very simple for the Bangali. So there is no meaning of teaching Bengali language and literature through educational institution for the natives. But it is wrong idea. All literate native people can read Bengali language and may understand the story of the language. But there is a different between common literate people and the people who is educated in Bengali language and literature. All people read the story. On the other side the students of Bengali language and literature not only read the story but also search the things in the story which is other than the story, i.e. history, sociology, psychology, rhetoric etc. Through the departmental study a student can be learned, how to discover these other things from the discourse. Only learned person can analysis the text. So, there must be needed departmental studies of Bengali language and literature. And for this purpose, we need the department for studies of Bengali language and literature.