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NAAC Accredited Morning College (Girls), Affiliated to Calcutta University
NAAC Accredited Morning College (Girls)
Affiliated to University of Calcutta
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Mission & Vision

Last Updated On March 6, 2024

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  • To provide women education during separate hours and separate infrastructure.
  • To ensure and sustain quality in education.


To serve the Nation by producing a continuous flow of mentally and physically self- reliant, empowered, unprejudiced and socially committed ‘efficacious human resources’ who would be capable of facing any challenge in the context of rapid global changes.

Aims and Objectives

Spreading of Women Education

The college is dedicated towards the goal of educating girl students through formal curriculum as well as through informal education.

Access to Learning

College aims to play a very much student friendly role. All members of the college are accessible and co-operative. Students may approach them any time for academic and also for any other crisis.

Developing Self-reliance

College has an objective for developing self-reliance among girl students, through providing different career-oriented courses for them.

Development of Inherent Abilities

College has set goal to bring out the inherent cultural and other traits of the students through inspiring them for taking parts in Annual Cultural Competitions, Social Function, Intra and Inter-College sports meet, etc.

Generating Social Commitment and Responsibilities

The college aims to convince students that true education needs personal achievements combined with social commitments. Students of the college work regularly, specially under the guidance of the NSS and the NCC units of the college, for helping the under- privileged sections of the society and for serving the Nation.

  • Let both of us (teacher and disciple) be equally protected.
  • Let knowledge permeate both of us in same measure.
  • Let our learning invigorate us.
  • Let there never be any malice between us.