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Morning College for Girls, Affiliated to Calcutta University
Morning College (Girls)
Affiliated to University of Calcutta
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Maharani Kasiswari College is a premier degree course college for girls with a great mission and vision. This college came into existence when in 1964, according to the direction of UGC, Manindra Chandra College was split up into three units – Morning, Day and Evening, with separate affiliations under CU. The Morning section, meant exclusively for Girl students, started functioning from 2 December 1964 and was named as Maharani Kasiswari College, to perpetuate the memory of Maharani Kasiswari, who once entered this house as a 7-year-old bride. Since its inception, the college believes in the thought that Education Empowers Women – psychologically, economically, politically and socially at the level of Family, Community, Society, National and International.

Mission – To provide women education during separate hours and separate infrastructure & to ensure and sustain quality in education.

Vision – To serve the Nation by producing a continuous flow of mentally and physically self- reliant, empowered, unprejudiced and socially committed ‘efficacious human resources’ who would be capable of facing any challenge in the context of rapid global changes.

Dr. Sima Chakrabarti

Principal, Maharani Kasiswari College
The young generation is the pillar of a nation. Let yourself and myself make a beautiful world for us as well as for others. Children are legally defined as adult at the age of eighteen. After completing school education, they come to the College and spend a reasonable part of the most energetic and important time in life. An educational institution offers various avenues to choose for making a golden future for them. Our institution is happy to dedicate its infrastructure with full capacity to all the students. Read More

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Maharani Kasiswari College offers nineteen subjects and has a faculty strength of sixty three. The faculty of all departments are highly qualified and competent. Most of the faculty are engaged in research activities and act as resource persons in different fields. Most of them publish regularly in journals of national and international repute.

IT Infrastructure

Maharani Kasiswari College boasts a robust IT infrastructure, featuring state-of-the-art laboratories tailored for various courses. Well-equipped computer labs with internet access cater to Computer Science and IT students, while specialized labs support Food & Nutrition, Geography, and Psychology programs. The college prioritizes hands-on learning through cutting-edge technology.


Maharani Kasiswari College library houses 27,000+ volumes, subscribes to 15+ journals, and offers NLIST for access to 5,000+ journals/e-books. Services include lending, reference, and catalog, with Wi-Fi, internet, and computer facilities. Special features: DELNET for inter-library loans, Nodal Office for Vidwan Portal/IRINS.


Maharani Kasiswari College offers Honours Courses in Bengali, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Education, English, Environmental Science, and more. Additionally, General Degrees are available in Arts, Science, and Commerce, providing a comprehensive academic spectrum.