Maharani Kasiswari College

Maharani Kasiswari College

NAAC Accredited Morning College (Girls)

Affiliated to University of Calcutta

Maharani Kasiswari College

History of the College

The origin of Maharani Kasiswari College may be linked to the great love for Education and Learning of the Cossimbazar Royal Family of Murshidabad. Starting from Krishna Kanta Nandy, great –grandson of Kalinath Nandy (founder of Cossimbazar Estate) to Raja Harinath (grandson of 'Kanta Babu'), Raja Krishnath (son of Harinath),Maharani Swarnamoyee (wife of Raja Krishnath),Maharaja Manindra Chandra Nandy (nephew of Maharani Swarnamoyee), Maharaja Sris Chandra Nandy (son of Manindra Chandra Nandy) – all spent majority of their wealth towards the cause of Education throughout Bengal. Establishment of Hindu College, Krishnath College of Berhampore, Lady Duffrin Medical Hostel of Kolkata andseveral other schools and colleges are few examples of their immense patronagefor promotion of education in Bengal.

This college building at 20, Ramkanto Bose Street, Shyambazar, was an ancestral property of Maharaja Manindra Nandy. In this house, he was born on 29May, 1860 and was married to Maharani Kasiswari of Burdwan when He was seventeen and the Bride was only seven. In 1897, Manindra Chandra left Kolkata for Cossimbazar Estate.

After passing away of Manindra Chandra, Maharaja Sris Chandra donated their house for setting up of a College in that premises. The mission was made possible through immense initiative of some spirited persons of North Kolkata at that time. On 15 July, 1941 Maharaja Manidra Chandra College was established.

From 1 October, 1947, a morning section of the College was opened tomeet the aspirations of the neighbourhood girls for education. Maharani Kasiswari College came into existence when in 1964, according to the direction of UGC, Manindra Chandra College was split up into three units – Morning, Day and Evening, with separate affiliations under CU. The Morning section, meant exclusively for Girl students, started functioning from 2 December, 1964 and was named as Maharani Kasiswari College, to perpetuate the memory of Maharani Kasiswari, who once entered this house as a 7 year old bride. Since its inception, the college believes in the thought that Education Empowers Women – psychologically,economically, politically and socially at the level of Family, Community, Society,National and International.